"I'm just a girl that wants to fix other girls problems! You dont need to adapt to fit my swimmies, my swimmies will be adapted to fit your unique body. "-Rai <3







Hello Nenaz! First of all if you have landed on this page, I'd like to say thank you!! For checking out our page! This has been a long overdue project for me. I grew up with a passion for making women feel and look beautiful. I quickly grew a love for fashion as a young girl, not for labels but design. I am the ultimate visionary and creative.  I love the process of creating from beginning to end! 


My ultimate goal is to create cute, trendy swim with great fit! And not only that keep them affordable. We know that now a days we can purchase swim anywhere online for very cheap, but along with the low prices come low quality and ill fitting pieces! I know we have all been there done that shopping and finding super cute pieces that just don't fit properly. Because all bodies were not created equal!!! So, I am here to fix those problems. While I am working to ultimately fix a-lot of those dreaded little fit problems that real bodies run into while shopping, I am also able to design and make a custom piece just for your body without breaking the bank! 


My swimmies are carefully designed to address the common fit issues that we run into shopping with mass produced pieces.  My goal is to create pieces for every body type! Your body does not need to adapt to fit my swimmies, I will adapt my swimmies to fit your body.  They're made in Venezuela in a small shop so your purchase not only allows me to continue to pursue my passion it also puts food on the table for a few families in need! So thank you from the bottom of my heart for considering our products!!!


With Love,

Raisana <3

Trendy swimwear for every BODY!

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